Analytica Conference, 01. April 2020 in München

 GTFCh  (Chairman: Hans H. Maurer, Homburg / Saar)

Symposium "Emerging Topics in Analytical Toxicology, Forensics and Doping Control"

Programm (Download pdf)

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) in Forensics and Doping Control

09:30 Andreas Rossmann, Schweitenkirchen, D Role of IRMS in Live Sciences with Focus on Forensic Sciences
10:10 Michaela Pütz, Wiesbaden, D Profiling of New Psychoactive Substances by IRMS
10:50 Mario Thevis, Köln, D Power of IRMS in Doping Control

11:30 Lunch Break


Omics and MALDI Applications in Analytical Toxicology

12:30 Markus R. Meyer, Homburg, D Current Role of Omics in Analytical Toxicology
13:10 Marc A. Lebeau, Quantico, VA Fingerprint Developement Methods for Touch Chemistry of Drugs and Explosives using MALDI-TOF
13:50 Eva Cuypers, Maastricht, NL Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Forensic Research and Practice

14:30 Coffee Break


Protein Analysis and Alternative Sampling in Doping Control and Drug Monitoring

15:00 Mario Thevis, Köln, D Protein Analysis - A Topic also in Doping Control
15:40 Jürgen Burhenne, Heidelberg, D Emerging Role of Protein and Peptide Analysis in Drug Monitoring
16:20 Olof Beck, Stockholm, S Novel Strategies for Microsampling - Dried Matrix Spots and Exhaled Breath