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Professional Title "Clinical Toxicologist GTFCh"

Clinical toxicology in the sense of these Postgraduate Professional Education Regulations deals with the realisation, quality assurance, assessment, interpretation and expert opinion of qualitative and quantitative analyses of toxicologically relevant substances in biological and non-biological materials in cases of acute or chronic poisonings. Pharmaco/toxicokinetic calculations, estimation of prognosis on the course of intoxication and advising on therapy options can also be part of it. Such scientific expertise plays an important role regarding medical and/or legal problems. That is why the GTFCh as a professional association offers adequate postgraduate professional education.

The focus of this postgraduate professional education is on practical work in corresponding institutions. The postgraduate professional education period serves to deepen professional experience in a structured form, especially the passing on, acquisition and proof of thorough knowledge, experience and skills in clinical toxicology including drawing up of written and oral opinion.