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Analytica Conference, 11. Mai 2016 in München

 GTFCh   (Chairman: Hans H. Maurer, Homburg/Saar)

Symposium "High-resolution mass spectrometry – Where do we stand today in clinical and forensic toxicology?"

Programm (Download als PDF)
Vollständiges Programm der Analytica Conference 

14:00 Hans H. Maurer, Homburg/Saar Ion Trap or Q-Orbitrap for metabolite-based drug screening?
14:30 Kara L. Lynch, San Francisco Q-TRAP or Q-TOF for comprehensive drug screening?
15:00 Anders Helander, Stockholm Q-Orbitrap in the STRIDA project for monitoring NPS

Coffee Break  
16:00 Ilkka Ojanperä, Helsinki Q-TOF for drug screening in postmortem toxicology
16:30 Lewis Couchman, London Q-Orbitrap for drug quantification
17:00 Felix Hernández, Castellón, Spain Q-TOF or Q-Orbitrap in wastewater drug testing?